Tuesday, June 19, 2012

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Top Brochure Printing Mistakes

 Top Brochure Printing Mistakes To Avoid
            ..because printing is permanent.

Using brochures as a marketing and promotional means is a great printing idea. Unlike other printing options brochure printing is relatively cheaper and can fit all the information needed to persuade your audience, from pictures, benefits, products offered and more. No wonder they've been around for such a long time.

There are times that when creating a brochure the point or basis for the brochure becomes vague and disoriented. For informational purposes I have gathered a list of the most common mistakes that could be prevented during brochure printing. Note: before a brochure is sent to proofreading, final checking, and final printing it still may not stop some badly written brochure printing mistakes. Keep reading so you don't make the same mistakes.

Mistake 1: Including information that are of very little relevance to the target market.

Mistake 2: Contact information is overlooked on the brochure. Regardless of how unique your layout design is or how beautifully worded your content is by overlooking the most important thing- having your prospects contact you- you will still most likely not get a sale out of it. Your contact information should be clear and visible on the brochure however not distracting.

Mistake 3: Information overload. Brochures are meant for informational purposes however adding too much information may bore the reader. Keeping the content interesting and knowledgeable is key.

Friday, June 15, 2012

The Future of Print?

The Future of Print depends on whom you ask!

Ask people in the Print Industry, they will tell you that `print will be around forever`. Go and ask a school student and you get a entirely different opinion. Look at these figures about the future generation's opinion on print's role in communication:

Interesting information
  • It took `radio` 38 years to reach 50 million people
  • It took `television` 13 years to reach 50 million people
  • It took the `Internet` 4 years to reach 50 million people
  • It took the `iPod` 3 years to reach 50 million people
  • It took the `iPad` ? years to reach 50 million people

  •  `Facebook` added 100 million users in 9 months
  • `iPhone` application downloads hit 1 billion in 9 months
  • `The Twitter` followers for Ashton Kutcher and Ellen DeGeneres exceeds the entire population of Ireland, Norway and Panama

Monday, June 11, 2012

Inbound vs Outbound Marketing

Inbound and outbound marketing techniques are crucial to your company's success; however as times change one is becoming more important in the industry than the other. I will start by reviewing these two marketing processes to help get the picture flowing.

Inbound marketing focuses on consumers finding you. Outbound marketing focuses on paying to broadcast your message to find consumers who will listen to you.

The inbound marketing approach is significantly less expensive than outbound marketing.
Inbound marketing strategies include:

inbound marketing
inbound marketing strategies

 • Social media marketing

• Blogging and content marketing

• Podcasts

• White papers

• Ebooks

• Infographics

• Search engine optimization (SEO)

• Pay per click (PPC) advertising


Outbound marketing strategies include:

• Print ads

• TV ads

• Banner ads

• Trade shows

• Telemarketing

• Cold calling

• Press releases

• Trade shows

• Email marketing

• Direct mail

Some interesting stats from Voltier Digital:

• 44% of direct mail is never opened, so it’s a waste of time, postage, and trees.
• 86% of people skip through television commercials.
• 91% of email users have opted out of company email that they had previously subscribed to.
• 84% of 25-to-34 year olds have left a favorite website because of an “irrelevant or intrusive ad”.
• The cost per lead in outbound marketing is 62% more than for inbound marketing.

Nonetheless, You can be reassured that print will never go out of business. So can you guess which strategy is in the lead?

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Another Reason to Include QR Codes

QR code art Macys
You probably know what Quick Response (QR) codes are, and you've seen them all over the place. They're posted up at your favorite restaurants with a "scan me" text beside them or hanging at the front door of a nearby store telling you to "scan for a coupon" or "review us on Yelp".

The new marketing trend includes having QR codes inside product documentation. For example, you may find that a company wants you to scan a QR code to watch an instructional video or read the terms and restrictions. QR codes are seen in print material everywhere from business cards to banners to brochures.

So why should you put a QR code on your print material? These little black and white barcode icons can be a great Marketing tool for your business. A QR code can contain all of your important contact details and easily allow the scannee to scan your code and automatically add you as a contact on their smart phone. If placed on business cards believe it or not they serve an important purpose. Business cards can easily get lost in translation so adding a QR code
 encourages the act of scanning and saving your business's contact information immediately as opposed to later where chances are the business card can get lost.

Other great reasons to include a QR code on your next print material:

- CREATE and share special text messages with customers 
- SEND your customer to a web page for extra information or goodies 
- SHARE your location with your shops coordinates 
- ENCOURAGE the act of saving calendar entries and contact card information such as phone numbers emails etc.
 - UNIVERSAL can be scanned with most smartphones 
- FREE & EASY individuals and companies can create them easily and for FREE. 
 - CUSTOMIZABLE high error level tolerance allows QR codes to be altered into images. For example the McDonalds hand shaped QR code.

QR code art School of Rock

If you decide you would rather leave it to the professionals for a custom QR art code and printing project our in-house programming department and years of expertise mean the best option when it comes to color, paper quality and on-time delivery. Our industry veterans can handle even your most complex printing and design projects.

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Google Adopts a Penguin?

Google Penguin Update

Thanks to a "Penguin", Google's latest update to advancing its Search Engine Results Page (SERP) is not fiction any longer. So who's Penguin? Just like Spiderman or Batman Google has dubbed the designer of the new-found algorithm 'Penguin'. What should you be asking yourself in regards to the Penguin Update.

The good news? It will greatly promote sites with high quality content and the end-user will have a greater search results experience. The bad news? If your business website, blog,etc includes Duplicate Content, Keyword Stuffing, Comment Spamming, or Spun Content then you should have noticed your site lower rank on Google's SERP.

While being on the first page of Google might be synonymous as to being on the front page of the Miami Herald Companies should not forget about creating promotions through Direct Mail. 

Many businesses know that direct mail is a great way to deepen customer loyalty and increase front-of-mind awareness. When you’re ready to launch a direct mail campaign, the place to start is at our print shop. We are experts at creating super successful direct mail materials because we know what it takes to “wow” your customers and prospects. Plus, we have the staff, equipment, and mailing knowledge to take your direct mail campaign from concept to completion.  

Worried about traceability? Adding a QR code to any project not only is a great way to track who is interested in more information about your product but is a great way to engage with your customers. Learn more about QR Codes on our website by visiting our QR Code Essentials page.



Archipress and Design, Inc. is a professional printing company in miami fl. We offer quality printing and design services and specialize in Direct Mailing services Brochures Postcards  Flyers Booklets and many other projects. Contact us for assistance or inquiries.